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    Fire Cider Blog — Staff Profile

    Meet the Team - Dylan

    Meet the Team - Dylan

    Wow, hello August! This summer is flying by, and before it speeds its way into fall let's take a minute to introduce you to another one of our team members. Dylan, our Production Supervisor, joined Fire Cider in late 2016 and has not only added to the eclectic mix of music emanating from the warehouse each day, and made surprise de-stress visits to the offices with his best-friend Jeter (pictured above), but he's quickly become an indispensable part of Team Fire Cider. Read on to find out how he likes his broccoli, and which show he's been binge watching this summer.

    Tell us about what you do here at Fire Cider HQ. I work part of the week shipping orders from the warehouse and when I'm not doing that I am making Fire Cider in our Greenfield kitchen!

    Dylan in the kitchen, making ALL THE FIRE CIDER!
    How long have you worked here? Do you know your employee number? I started almost a year ago, in November! I want to say my employee number is 13.

    When did you first try Fire Cider? A couple years before I started. I received a bottle as a gift. I was hooked from the first sip!

    What is your favorite way to use Fire Cider? Depends on the day. Usually just straight from the bottle that I keep in my fridge. Another favorite is to cook some fresh broccoli on low heat and let it soak up as much Fire Cider as possible. Served as a perfect side to steak.

    If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? I would go to the future. I already know how the past turned out and I wouldn't want to risk changing anything... Plus we can open our phones or computers and search for just about everything from the past. Can't do that for the future. 

    Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones or Gilligan’s Island? Game of Thrones hands down! I must have watched it 3 times through so far waiting for the new seasons to arrive. 

    Winter is coming for Dylan

    What's your favorite music? I love most music, however Rock is my main go to. Audioslave, NIN, Tool, Cake, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Muse, Neil Young. I'm all over the map!

    Meet the Team - Sheri

    Meet the Team - Sheri

    This week we're talking to our Customer Service and Office Manager, Sheri. She's a fierce Mama, tireless Fire Cider ambassador, and fun loving goofball guaranteed to brighten up the office. Keep reading to find out what her favorite movies are, and why she would travel to the past. 

    Sheri - Fire Cider employee #1!

    Tell us about what you do at Fire Cider HQ.  I am the Customer Service gal... You have a Fire Cider question?  I'll answer it!  I also do book keeping.

    How long have you worked here? 3 years!  I was their first employee!

    What is your favorite way to use Fire Cider?  A shot straight from the bottle! That way you don't have to share. 

    I also like the mini concoction I make for my kids...  Heat up about a half cup of water (not too hot, add lots of lemon and some extra honey! (Or LOTS of extra honey if you're my son, David...)  Finish with a half shot of Fire Cider!  Great for sore throats.

    Do you have any hobbies?  I love to paint, garden and raise wild children (as long as they are my own).. I'm good at that...  Hiking and drinking fine, cheap wine also make the list.... Because those are hobbies too, right?

    If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? The future scares me... I'd definitely go to the past...  That way I could type a letter to my grandmother on a typewriter while talking to my best friend on a rotary phone.  

    Two favorite movies?  Rear Window and Ponyo... Mostly because after watching Ponyo my kids always want to eat noodles and broth with hard boiled egg and HAM!  yum....

    Meet the Team - Patrick

    Meet the Team - Patrick

    This time around we're sitting down to chat with Patrick, Fire Cider's Warehouse Manager. He's our resident maple syrup maker, chicken wrangler, handyman, and a champion with the Dad jokes.

    Patrick slingin pallets in the warehouse.

    Tell us about what you do at Fire Cider HQ. I manage the warehouse, including the shipping staff, inventory, supply ordering, and logistics.

    How long have you been part of the Team? One year as of this past Feb.

    When did you first try Fire Cider? I think it was at the Big E, the first year that we had a table outside the Massachusetts building. I was volunteering at the Mass Maple booth that year, and we had a steady stream of people come by and sample the maple syrup only to comment that it was the perfect chaser to the sample of Fire Cider they'd just tried.

    What is your favorite way to use Fire Cider? In place of plain acv in our family's standard carrot/radish slaw.

    Super strength, telepathic powers, or the ability to control time? And why? Time control, hands down, because with this you can appear to be able to do almost anything else.

    Comics, novels or movies? Usually, Audible. It's been a few years now since I consumed a book with my eyes and not my ears.

    Do you have any hobbies? Woodworking, chickens and maple sugaring. Last year, I built the latest incarnation of the backdrop that we take to events. This year, I hope to make 20 gallons of maple syrup, and in a few weeks we'll be ordering our 2017 flock of laying hens.

    If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? Five minutes into the past so I can find that thing I just misplaced....

    Two favorite movies? The original DUNE was one of my favorites until I saw the documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune". Now the version of DUNE that should have been made is my favorite.

    Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones or Gilligan’s Island? Only one of these choices has a hilarious Bad Lip Reading sendup. The choice is obvious. Powdered SUGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

    How many states have you lived in? 4. Born in MA, lived in Alabama briefly in 5th grade, lived in both New York and Georgia while attempting college.

    What's your favorite music? genre/musician? Historical favorites include Cake and Ben Folds Five and a special place for Weird Al. Current favorite that I should have been listening to all along: OK GO.

    Tell us something that not many people know about you. For my entire freshman year of high school, I didn't own a single pair of jeans. All dress pants.

    Anything else you’d like to share? My dessert. No, wait, I'm hungrier than I thought. Get your own.

    Meet the Team - Najwa

    Meet the Team - Najwa

    This week we sat down to catch up with Najwa Squailia - Nurturer, Skilled Witticist, Powerhouse of positive energy! She's got some crazy, delicious ideas for Fire Cider, but she's a bit of a foodie so we're not surprised.

    Tell us about what you do here at Fire Cider HQ. I’m over in our Wholesale Accounts & Customer Service department. My side project involves making sure there are enough good snacks and bad puns to go around.

    How long have you been part of the Team? Since October 2016.

    What is your favorite way to use Fire Cider? I’m a big fan of the straight shot, but I also love to add it to my favorite beverage: fresh, red grapefruit juice with a little maple syrup mixed in. I make egg rolls at home, and want to try adding some Original Fire Cider to a sriracha and soy sauce dipping blend.

    Comics, novels or movies? Graphic novels and comics, no question! I spend a lot of time reading with my five-year old. Recent favorites are Nimona, El Deafo, Ms. Marvel, Giants Beware, and Baba Yaga’s Assistant. My partner is a published author, so I should also add: novels.

    Two favorite movies? (*hides under desk*) I have a bad habit of falling asleep during movies! Movie-going is actually my excuse to drink cherry slushies and eat giant buckets of buttered popcorn. At home I occasionally watch things on Netflix, and I give high praise to ‘The Get Down’, ‘Hip Hop Evolution’, and ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

    What's your favorite food/restaurant/cuisine?  Since I don’t drink alcohol I make it my job to do a good bit of eating across Berkshire County. We have some great restaurants in our area, and I have favorites on each menu. I’m a little obsessed with the BBQ Chicken Sandwich (served on a PRETZEL BUN) at Methuselah Bar and Lounge in downtown Pittsfield. Ask Caitlin to make you my signature maple-grapefruit spritzer while you’re there!. Across the street at Mission Bar and Tapas, chef James Burden works some special kind of magic on Brussels sprouts with garlic, shallots, herbs, and goat cheese (I’ll save you the trouble, just go ahead and order 2). If I head to Great Barrington you’ll find me happily seated in front of a ‘Silence of the Yams’ roll and chicken katsu at Bizen, or the pork buns and roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms at Allium.  

    Meet The Team- Jake


    Meet Jake Roach, Warehouse Crew 

    Our ongoing series featuring the members of Team Fire Cider continues with staffer Jake. Jake's responsibilities in the warehouse include packaging both wholesale and web store orders, delivering to local stores, and general warehouse cleanup and organization. Besides helping to keep our warehouse at its best, there's so much more to Jake! So, we recently asked him a few get-to-know-you questions. 

    Let's start off gently...when were you hired? Mid-May this year. My last day at my last job was National Migratory Bird Day. So I flew away! I started at Fire Cider pretty much right away.

    So, what is your favorite way to take Fire Cider? I take it a lot of different ways. I like drinking just a large shot of it, because I like the rush of it. But I like cooking with it, too. I've made marinades for chicken with it, and that is my fave way to cook with it. I was doing that before I started working here. I add garlic, cinnamon and honey- sweet stuff like that, pepper, and ginger. Lots of ginger. But the bulk of it is reduced Fire Cider.

    If one musician could come back from the dead, who would you choose and why? That's so hard! See, I have so many inspirations that are dead rock stars, but I'd want to be rational and choose someone like Bach. He clearly had a lot to offer. So many of the people who died young like Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, I'd like to see what they'd be doing now, but from the standpoint of what would be good for this era- and refresh it, I'd have to choose Johann Sebastian Bach. I'll probably kick myself later and wish that I had chosen John Bonham or something.

    You get to choose a superpower...which one? I really like telekinesis. There's so much potential- you would basically have other superpowers that go with that, like speed, and flight, and teleporting. And there's super-strength. I feel like it would cover a lot of ground. Plus, you could be lazy and do everything from a chair and exercise your muscles telekinetically.

    What animal are you most aligned with? I have been told on multiple occasions that I'm most like a fox. Not that I would necessarily want to be, but I guess that is pretty accurate in terms of personality. Kinda a really cool animal that's common but relatable. 

    What's your favorite hobby? Music. I don't know if I'd call it a hobby anymore, it's kinda taken a bigger role for me, making music. By far my favorite thing - exploring the creativity, seeing what I can do with sound. 

    Is there a website where we could go to check out your music? Not really as of yet. I've been working just this year on getting some demos together, short songs that I can put out there, but I've been having some trouble with my perfectionism- letting anything go out to the public before it's finished. Me finishing something is a big deal because I imagine my songs as this big grandiose thing with all kinds of instruments and accompaniments that I can't really procure right now. Basically, I just need to loosen up and put some simple stuff out there. Currently if you want to hear me, you have to come out to a concert or open mic at J Allen, and I have a monthly gig at the Cork 'N Hearth in Lee with various people.

    If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? The future. It's such a dense question, but that's something I have thought about a lot. I'd rather be an idiot among geniuses than the smartest person around with everyone looking to me for answers. It'd be cool to see what's in store for humanity. I'd like to go super far into the future to see if we're even still around, and if not, why. I feel like that would be more adventurous and enlightening than going some place I kinda already know. Not that I wouldn't be interested in going to the past, that would be super cool, too.

    Spooky question time! Fave Halloween costume, past or present? I've seen a lot of creative ones! This isn't my answer, but I remember one that sticks out to me just because of its sheer stupidity is, a friend of mine when we were little dressed up as a cereal box with a bunch of knives stuck in it all over. He was a serial killer. it was the dumbest idea, and I couldn't believe that he had brought it to fruition and actually made a costume out of it. I didn't really celebrate Halloween, though, so I didn't have a lot of costumes. My favorite costume I ever did, though, was a lumberjack because I literally did nothing. I just put a fake mustache on and carried an ax all day.

    Anything you'd like to say about yourself? What makes Jake Jake? What defines you? At face value, I guess I'm very devoted to art, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Something that is always a resonate thing with me is I'm very focused on perspective all the time. I look at everyone in terms of what anyone else is perceiving from their point of view. When you always have that in the back of your mind, it helps you to interpret situations a bit clearer, I think. Everyone has a different story. 

    Does your art take other forms? Music is the one I'm proficient at, but I really appreciate all forms of art. I think that comedy is another one that I'm very big on. I love laughter and finding humor in the world because it's really dismal, a lot of things in the world, but it's just as funny as it is sad.

    So then what's your fave comedian? Role model or the type of comedy that speaks most to you? It's hard to name names, but the type of comedy I like is that kind of realism dark comedy. I guess people that laugh at the triviality of people getting upset at everything. People that just don't care about the kinds of things that people get upset over. Because everything is so crazy that you can't be a real functioning person without realizing that.