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    Fire Cider Blog — Fire Cider On the Road

    Fire Cider on the Road - From Eh, to Bean

    We've been traveling fools lately, with team members flying all over the US, and beyond, to sing the praises of our tangy, spicy, sweet tonic. May involved some of our first international travel!

    Team Fire Cider at the Sial Canada Show in May 2017

    Sial Canada

    At the beginning of May Caitlin and Heather hopped a plane to head up to Toronto for the Sial Canada Show. Unfortunately they ran into some crazy cancellations, redirects, and delays and didn't arrive until just before the show started, but they hit the ground running! This was an amazing opportunity for us sample Fire Cider, meet with and make connections with future retailers and distributors, and learn more about the Canadian market. Thankfully they had a few chances to get out into the city proper and tell us that the food and craft beers were on point! Caitlin is Vegan and found an amazing variety while there!

    Team Fire Cider at the Fit Expo Chicago 2017. Read more on the the Fire Cider Blog at FireCider.com.

    The Fit Expo Chicago

    And just as our team members in Canada were packing up to come home, Stephanie, Najwa, and Jake were headed to the Fit Expo Chicago event. Fitness enthusiasts and competitors alike traveled from far and wide to be part of this event, and our team got to introduce so many new people to the wonders of Fire Cider. They got to meet Jason Colombel, and spent some time taking in the sites around the city. 

    This month we're headed off to a pile of events in New York City and our favorite music festival, so check back for our June wrap up! Keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram to find out where you can find us!

    Fire Cider On The Road- LA Experience & Gourmet Guru Food Show

    One of the most exciting parts of being with Team Fire Cider is the opportunity to travel and spread the Fire Cider love.

    October 27th was an especially busy travel day, as Co-Owner Brian Huebner and Marketing Director Stephanie Gravalese each went to different events, one in Brooklyn and one in LA. That's Fire Cider lovin' coast-to-coast, baby!

    Gourmet Guru 'Next Big Thing' Food Show

    Brian represented at the Gourmet Guru 'Next Big Thing' Food Show, a sampling event for food producers to showcase their products directly with buyers. In their 20th year, Gourmet Guru is a mom and pop food distribution company that serves the natural and organic food industry on the east coast. Fire Cider just signed aboard, and we are super psyched to be partnering with this cool company.

    Brian's sampling station, ready to pass out shots of Fire Cider to those in need of a morning wake-up jolt. He's getting the party started!


    Post-event booty! We love making new friends and trying new products at food shows. Here's a few goodies Brian snagged: Koti Mustard from Finland, Red Jacket Orchards Honeycrisp Apple Cider and Black n Blue Stomp Juice, Absolute Green Lavender Air Freshener, Raaka Virgin Chocolate- Ghost Pepper, Jubali Smoothie Greena Colada, Love Grace Foods Matcha Organic Herbal Energy and Green Sunshine, and LuliTonix Blended Greens Kick!

    Organic Spa Magazine Los Angeles Experience Wellness & Travel Media Event

    Stephanie flew out to LA to for Organic Spa Magazine's annual press event, which connects vendors with media channels. The focus is on providing wellness and eco companies the opportunity to gain mass-market exposure. How exciting!

    Stephanie is ready to stir up some buzz for Fire Cider! Look at that cute little display of fresh ingredients on the right.

    Know what these are? Our very official and professional media kits, that's what!

    This event garnered Fire Cider some great support from the media world, and we're looking forward to new opportunities.

    Want to know where you can find Team Fire Cider next?

    We have plans to attend the SOHO Expo and the Winter Fancy Foods Show. Stop by our booth for a sample and to say hello. More details will be shared soon, so stay tuned!

    Oh Baby! Drizzle Fire Cider on Oysters

    August 5 is National Oyster Day, y'all!

    We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to take a staff outing to Eat on North's Raw Bar for some divine Wellfleet Oysters. Heck. Yeah.

    We don't go anywhere without a bottle of Fire Cider, so out of the purse (don't tell us you don't have a bottle in your purse) and onto the bar it went. Now we're ready for those oysters to arrive.

    Oh man, our anticipation is through the roof!

    We've got oysters!...Look, look!

    Here we go...

    D'oh! Bethany has a slight miss of the target.
    A drizzle and slurp later, and we were on our way to an elevated state of peace and contentment. 

    So much documentation happening.
    Try a little dash of Fire Cider on your oysters today, and see what we mean. You won't want to have them any other way!