Everybody loves a bit of extra convenience in the kitchen and this little guy does it with style. 

Our easy pour, plastic flop top keeps your Fire Cider neatly sealed and spill free but allows you to flick that bottle open and pour with just one hand!

This handy pour-through cap will help you measure out precise quantities of Fire Cider in a snap. Ideal for cooking and cocktail lovers, and for stores or event hosts who need to pour out lots of fun-loving Fire Cider samples.

Made for all our 16-ounce bottles.

Flop Top pour spout for 16oz. bottles, red

Sustainably Sourced

All of our ingredients are USDA-Certified Organic. Our sustainably sourced ingredients are the highest quality, safest, and most nutritious available.

Family Owned

We are a small, family-owned and operated business. We started in 2010 in Pittsfield, MA in the heart of the Berkshires.

Raw, Whole, Organic

We only use the most potent whole, raw, organic ingredients - never diluted with water, fillers, or unecessary flavorings.