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    Interested in stocking Fire Cider in your stores, cafe, bar, or restaurant? We’d love to make you part of the feel-good family!

    Team Fire Cider introducing the world to our Spicy Tangy Health Tonic!

    While our recipe has been updated for adventurous modern palates, it harkens back to the traditional tonics our ancestors used to drink for daily health. Every tablespoon of Fire Cider tonic packs an energizing punch of concentrated ingredients that can be the start of a whole new way of life.

    Fire Cider Fast Facts

    • Fire Cider is a concentrated apple cider vinegar and honey tonic, not a ready-to-drink beverage. We recommend a tablespoon a day. (At that rate, an 8-ounce bottle will last a little more than 2 weeks. That’s less than a dollar a day!)
    • Fire Cider is shelf stable with an 18-month shelf life.
    • Fire Cider Original, Fire Cider African Bronze Honey, and Fire Cider Honey-Free are all USDA Certified Organic.
    • Fire Cider Honey-Free is Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
    • Fire Cider contains raw, living apple cider vinegar.
    • Fire Cider does not need to be refrigerated.
    • Fire Cider is not alcoholic. It’s also not a sweet or hard cider. The main ingredient is apple cider vinegar.

    Ready to Carry Fire Cider? Complete your application! Packing and shipping Fire Cider to points all over North America.

    Want to learn more about Fire Cider?

    We’ve got all sorts of answers, check out our FAQ!

    Did you know you have 2 options for carrying Fire Cider? You can order directly from us (complete your application now), or you can order from one of our distribution partners. Find the distributor closest to you or become one!

    Got other questions about Fire Cider! We are always ready to help. Email us anytime at Wholesale@FireCider.com or give us a call at 413-553-0739.