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    Interested in stocking Fire Cider in your stores, cafe, bar, or restaurant? We’d love to make you part of the feel-good family!

    Team Fire Cider introducing the world to our Spicy Tangy Health Tonic!

    While our recipe has been updated for adventurous modern palates, it harkens back to the traditional tonics our ancestors used to drink for daily health. Every tablespoon of Fire Cider tonic packs an energizing punch of concentrated ingredients that can be the start of a whole new way of eating—and of improving health and vitality.

    Our Practice
    We know that a label full of unintelligible ingredients does little to inspire your trust, so we’re all about transparency. We work with certified organic farmers who understand that sun, unadulterated soil, and clean water combine to create culinary marvels. Pesticides, growth hormones, and other artificial additives aren’t even in their vocabulary. So you can be sure that every one of our products is made with top-quality, lovingly grown, raw foods you can pronounce (and taste!).

    Our values and focus on transparency isn't just lip service. From our packaging, to trade show materials, our goal is to minimize our impact on the earth by incorporating materials that are recyclable or contain recycled materials.

    Fire Cider Fast Facts

    • Fire Cider is a concentrated apple cider vinegar and honey tonic, not a ready-to-drink beverage. We recommend a tablespoon a day. (At that rate, an 8-ounce bottle will last a little more than 2 weeks. That’s less than a dollar a day!)
    • Fire Cider is shelf stable with an 18-month shelf life.
    • Fire Cider Original, Fire Cider African Bronze Honey, and Fire Cider Unsweetened are all USDA Certified Organic.
    • Fire Cider Unsweetened is Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
    • Fire Cider contains raw, living apple cider vinegar.
    • Fire Cider does not need to be refrigerated.
    • Fire Cider is not alcoholic. It’s also not a sweet or hard cider. The main ingredient is apple cider vinegar.

    Packing and shipping Fire Cider to points all over North America.

    Want to learn more about Fire Cider?

    We’ve got all sorts of answers, just click below!

      Do you offer samples of Fire Cider?

      Of course! Sampling is the best way to learn about Fire Cider. If you’re interested in stocking Fire Cider but you’d like to know how it tastes first, please reach out to our Sales team for a free sample bottle for your store. If you decide to bring Fire Cider to your location, we’ll start you off with additional free product just for customer sampling! It’s a tried-and-true way to introduce new customers to the awesomeness of vinegar and honey tonics. For some suggestions on how to sample Fire Cider, check out our handy Store Sampling Guide.

      Can everybody drink Fire Cider?

      The raw honey we use in Fire Cider tonic is not recommend for humans of the tiny variety—that is, two years old or younger.

      How should I explain Fire Cider?

      We have a few simple guidelines we always use when introducing new customers to our tonics. First, let them know that Fire Cider is not a ready-to-use apple cider vinegar drink, and is meant to be sipped in small quantities. Second, tell them it’s spicy and made with apple cider vinegar, rather than apple cider; while most people like surprises, not all are on board with hot or tangy flavors when they’ve got sweet juice on their minds. Third, because some folks have allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s important to mention all the ingredients used to make Fire Cider. (Get the low-down here.) Which leads us to our final point: all ingredients are raw, organic, and easy to find at any good grocery store—no additives, preservatives, pesticides, or other unhealthy stuff—so each bottle of tonic is pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

      Where the heck are you guys?

      Shire City Herbals makes the magic happen right here in our home base; in the rustic, phenomenally handsome, and culturally rich Berkshires at the western end of the wicked cool state of Massachusetts. The Berkshire “brand” is hot these days and lots of customers recognize it. So keep that tidbit tucked into your pocketful of selling points.

      Where do you get your ingredients?

      We’re super picky, and buy only the best-quality, safest, and most nutritious ingredients from USDA-Certified Organic farmers. This is important to us for two reasons. First, it means that farmers are paid fairly for their hard work. Second, it means that they adhere to farming best practices, which enrich, rather than deplete, the ecosystem. We have our own USDA-Certified Organic designation, as well, through Baystate Organic Certifiers in Massachusetts.

      How is Fire Cider made?

      We start with certified organic garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, habañero peppers, oranges, lemons, and anti-inflammatory turmeric for a bit of zing. This is all steeped in top-quality, raw apple cider vinegar for as long as it takes to draw out the flavors and beneficial compounds in the foods and to create maximum tonic BOOM. After straining out the solids, we add raw wildflower honey for a touch of sweetness.

      How should Fire Cider be consumed?

      We love it straight out of the shot glass—a tablespoon a day, rain or shine, keeps us healthy and puts some pep in our step! This is the most traditional use of health tonics, which date back hundreds of years in Europe and Asia, and to pilgrim times in New England. But Fire Cider can also be mixed into cocktails, tea, juices, salad dressing, sauces and condiments, and other recipes for modern flair. Check out our recipes for inspiration.

      Where is the best place to merchandise Fire Cider?

      In Supplements/Wellness/HABA.

      Fire Cider does well near Cold and Flu, Allergy, Immune, and Digestion products. In Functional, raw or Living Foods. In the Natural/Organic area of a larger grocery store. In the Grocery section, with vinegars or specialty/gourmet foods. Check out our Sixty Second Store Placement Guide for further suggestions on where it can live in your store!

      What about Social Media?

      We love to talk about our retail partners and share the good news that Fire Cider is on your shelves! Our Social Media Cheat Sheet will help you get connected.

      What types of businesses carry Fire Cider?

      Fire Cider is currently stocked in over 6,000 (and counting) locations across the country, including: Independent natural food stores, Mom and pop shops, Gourmet food markets, Cooperative grocers, Juice bars, Cafes and coffee shops, Yoga studios, chiropractors’ offices, and Wellness centers, Outdoor recreation and sporting goods stores, Gift shops Package stores, bars, restaurants, and Farm stands

      Meet our Distribution Partners:

      Angello's Distributing, Associated Buyers, Chex Finer Foods, The Farmer's Plate New England Distributors, Garden Spot Foods, Green Design Center, SOL Distributors, PSR Trading, and KeHE Distributors: carrying Original Fire Cider in 8oz and 16oz sizes at the following distribution centers: DC41-Chino CA, DC12-Aurora CO, DC42-Flower Mound TX, DC33-Stockton CA, DC55-Douglasville GA 

      I’ve got other questions about Fire Cider!

      We’ve got answers for you and your staff! Feel free to download and share our Fire Cider FAQ, Store Sampling Guide, or 60 Second Placement Guide. As always, we are ready to help with anything else. Send an email to or give us a call at 413-553-0739.

      Are you ready to join the Feel-Good Family?!

      Email Bethany, Heather, Najwa, Kathie, and Brian now at

      Or call 413-553-0739 Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST or fill out this form to learn about becoming a wholesale vendor!