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    Amy Huebner

    An interest in health and wellness started early for Amy, who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis at a young age and grew frustrated with the side effects of the medication her doctor prescribed. Knowing that she could positively influence her health—and possibly end her reliance on pharmaceuticals—through a combination of exercise and a healthy diet, she bought her first book on nutrition at the ripe old age of 16.

    Amy earned her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and was just getting her health-coaching practice off the ground when her husband, Dana, first made her Fire Cider. The effect was profound, and unlike any supplement or food she had tried. She immediately wanted to spread the health-benefit love, and asked Dana to make an extra batch they could sell at the Shire City Sanctuary Holiday Shindy in Pittsfield in 2010. Though she knew the response would be positive, she didn’t quite expect the stream of customers knocking on their apartment door, looking for Fire Cider refills, a few weeks after the event.

    Always the hands-on type, Amy feels most rewarded when in the kitchen, turning raw ingredients into something nutritionally powerful, and helping customers get back to more intuitive, food-based ways of staying healthy. As our executive officer, she also focuses on the human resources end of Shire City Herbals, helping to problem solve with the amazing group of people who make and sell our tonics. Like her brother, co-founder Brian Huebner, she’s always on the lookout for new ways to give back to our local community. 

    Amy counts among her inspirations Seth and Mitch Nash of BlueQ, our next-door office neighbors, business mentors, and founders of a way-cool, community-minded international company. When she’s not making or turning other people on to Fire Cider, she can usually be found cooking, running, dancing with friends, or doing yoga. She’s also having a blast repainting, refinishing, and planning the gardens (organic, of course) for her and Dana’s newly purchased 130-year-old farmhouse.