That lightbulb moment when people realize food can be a powerful agent for health in their lives: this is what Dana lives for. He’s most at home when handing out Fire Cider samples and introducing a whole new group of people to the concept of food as change-maker and an empowering force in self-care.

Dana started making Fire Cider tonic at home in the late 1990s. He later shared the tonic love with his wife, Amy Huebner, to keep them both healthy and energized through the long, cold (really cold) Berkshire winters.

He started with a recipe that had been handed down through his family for generations and was taught to him by his German grandmother, Elisabet. To her base of onions, garlic, and honey, he added horseradish and habañero peppers for heat and flavor complexity. A doctor friend suggested he add raw apple cider vinegar for a classic folk-remedy combination. Later on, while living in Arizona, Dana added whole lemons and oranges from trees he had in the backyard, both for their sweetness and their beneficial bioflavonoids. He kept experimenting and developing the recipe over the course of a decade. . .though Dana is pretty sure that Elisabet, had she lived to see the company take off, would happily accept credit for their success and give them lots of no-nonsense, unsolicited advice.

Formerly a wilderness guide and social worker, Dana is our jack-of-all-business-trades, helping to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. He’s inspired by his grandparents, who lost everything in Poland during World War II and immigrated to the States—with nothing but each other, a hard-work ethic, and an inability to take no for an answer—to build a new life for themselves. Dana still loves to roll up his sleeves in the Fire Cider kitchen and is always brainstorming ways to make our business an even better community neighbor. A dedicated outdoorsman, in his off-hours he’s usually bicycling around the Berkshires or taking care of the gardens at his and Amy’s new mini-homestead.