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    Did you know? Daily consumption of Fire Cider tonic may lead to palate-tickling excitement, increased energy, the ability to charm the socks off of anyone,* and feeling great every day.

    Because wellness starts with clean, nutritious foods—and eating healthy doesn’t have to be a snooze—we craft all-natural, sustainably sourced, flavor-packed health tonics for you to enjoy all year long.  

    Time-tested combos of raw, organic ingredients? We’ve got that. Eye-opening flavors that turn the taste up to 11? Got those too. Not to mention fun, reusable, earth-friendly packaging that tells you exactly what’s in every bottle—no unpronounceable mystery stuff. It’s all part of our promise to be your feisty-flavor Sherpas on a lifelong journey toward optimal health and vitality.

    *Well, we can’t guarantee this one. But we’re pretty sure it will up your cool quotient.

    Shop our flavor-packed tonics!