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    Fire Cider Sale!

    Fire Cider Sale!
    Why is this Fire Cider on Sale?
    Great question! Glad you asked!

    Sometimes we misplace cases in our warehouse or have extra t-shirts left over from events! Sometimes bottles get broken and spill on others, some get a little scratched, smudged, or scuffed, and some just get a little dirty.

    They may look a little worse for the wear but the Fire Cider inside is fine and ready to head to a new home! 

    Because of the random nature of the flaws, the images you see are a representative sample. Products you receive may show more, or less external wear than what is pictured here. These items are on clearance. No returns or exchanges will be provided. All sales are final.

    Fire Cider apple cider vinegar and honey tonic is shelf stable at room temperature and has a 24-month best-by date.