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Retailer Spotlight: The SoakingPot

Retailer Spotlight: The SoakingPot

We have a broad and unique set of retail partners across the country, one of which is The SoakingPot nestled in North Conway, New Hampshire.

The SoakingPot opened its doors almost two years ago as the state's only Infusion Spa. The professionals at The SoakingPot invite customers in with a warm smile and the finest salts, herbs, florals, and essential oils for a relaxing yet invigorating experience.

Whether you're looking to relieve some stress or anxiety, maintain a self-care regime, or just have a unique and fun experience with friends or family, you'll be welcomed with open arms. Spa treatments can be customized to the liking of each customer for a truly personalized experience.

Imagine sinking into an oversized, comfortable chair with a warm neck wrap and your toes dipped into a hand-hammered copper basin, while being offered a massage or facial, and even tea or sweet treats.

After enjoying your personalized spa treatment, the ladies at The SoakingPot have some great apothecary items to keep you feeling great long after your visit has ended. This is where you can grab some Fire Cider or other personal care items to fit your needs.

See the incredible offerings and space at The SoakingPot on Instagram and Facebook!

Images courtesy of The SoakingPot


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