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Retailer Spotlight: Simply Positive

Retailer Spotlight: Simply Positive

We always love to give shout-outs to our fabulous retail partners, but we're especially grateful for them now for keeping us stocked up with the health supplies that we need during such a difficult time! This month, we're putting the spotlight on Simply Positive in Lima, NY!

Dawn, the owner of Simply Positive, always dreamed of opening a small shop that carried local, unique, and artisanal items, specifically in the self-enrichment realm. Simply Positive offers a variety of items from local artists, farmers, and companies that big box stores wouldn't typically carry.

Aside from the essentials (hello, Fire Cider!) that Dawn carries, she swaps out her unique merchandise often, always giving her customers a reason to come back and see what's in store for them. She has a passion for educating folks on the importance and options of natural care, both for wellness and personal enrichment purposes.

Dawn also takes pride in personal creations & repurposing existing things, like furniture pieces, for the store. You never know what you'll find when perusing Simply Positive, and that's what we love so much about Dawn's local shop!

Keep up with some of what's being offered on the shelves on Facebook!

Images courtesy of Simply Positive



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