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Meet The Team- Jake

Stephanie Gravalese


Meet Jake Roach, Warehouse Crew 

Our ongoing series featuring the members of Team Fire Cider continues with staffer Jake. Jake's responsibilities in the warehouse include packaging both wholesale and web store orders, delivering to local stores, and general warehouse cleanup and organization. Besides helping to keep our warehouse at its best, there's so much more to Jake! So, we recently asked him a few get-to-know-you questions. 

Let's start off gently...when were you hired? Mid-May this year. My last day at my last job was National Migratory Bird Day. So I flew away! I started at Fire Cider pretty much right away.

So, what is your favorite way to take Fire Cider? I take it a lot of different ways. I like drinking just a large shot of it, because I like the rush of it. But I like cooking with it, too. I've made marinades for chicken with it, and that is my fave way to cook with it. I was doing that before I started working here. I add garlic, cinnamon and honey- sweet stuff like that, pepper, and ginger. Lots of ginger. But the bulk of it is reduced Fire Cider.

If one musician could come back from the dead, who would you choose and why? That's so hard! See, I have so many inspirations that are dead rock stars, but I'd want to be rational and choose someone like Bach. He clearly had a lot to offer. So many of the people who died young like Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, I'd like to see what they'd be doing now, but from the standpoint of what would be good for this era- and refresh it, I'd have to choose Johann Sebastian Bach. I'll probably kick myself later and wish that I had chosen John Bonham or something.

You get to choose a superpower...which one? I really like telekinesis. There's so much potential- you would basically have other superpowers that go with that, like speed, and flight, and teleporting. And there's super-strength. I feel like it would cover a lot of ground. Plus, you could be lazy and do everything from a chair and exercise your muscles telekinetically.

What animal are you most aligned with? I have been told on multiple occasions that I'm most like a fox. Not that I would necessarily want to be, but I guess that is pretty accurate in terms of personality. Kinda a really cool animal that's common but relatable. 

What's your favorite hobby? Music. I don't know if I'd call it a hobby anymore, it's kinda taken a bigger role for me, making music. By far my favorite thing - exploring the creativity, seeing what I can do with sound. 

Is there a website where we could go to check out your music? Not really as of yet. I've been working just this year on getting some demos together, short songs that I can put out there, but I've been having some trouble with my perfectionism- letting anything go out to the public before it's finished. Me finishing something is a big deal because I imagine my songs as this big grandiose thing with all kinds of instruments and accompaniments that I can't really procure right now. Basically, I just need to loosen up and put some simple stuff out there. Currently if you want to hear me, you have to come out to a concert or open mic at J Allen, and I have a monthly gig at the Cork 'N Hearth in Lee with various people.

If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future? The future. It's such a dense question, but that's something I have thought about a lot. I'd rather be an idiot among geniuses than the smartest person around with everyone looking to me for answers. It'd be cool to see what's in store for humanity. I'd like to go super far into the future to see if we're even still around, and if not, why. I feel like that would be more adventurous and enlightening than going some place I kinda already know. Not that I wouldn't be interested in going to the past, that would be super cool, too.

Spooky question time! Fave Halloween costume, past or present? I've seen a lot of creative ones! This isn't my answer, but I remember one that sticks out to me just because of its sheer stupidity is, a friend of mine when we were little dressed up as a cereal box with a bunch of knives stuck in it all over. He was a serial killer. it was the dumbest idea, and I couldn't believe that he had brought it to fruition and actually made a costume out of it. I didn't really celebrate Halloween, though, so I didn't have a lot of costumes. My favorite costume I ever did, though, was a lumberjack because I literally did nothing. I just put a fake mustache on and carried an ax all day.

Anything you'd like to say about yourself? What makes Jake Jake? What defines you? At face value, I guess I'm very devoted to art, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Something that is always a resonate thing with me is I'm very focused on perspective all the time. I look at everyone in terms of what anyone else is perceiving from their point of view. When you always have that in the back of your mind, it helps you to interpret situations a bit clearer, I think. Everyone has a different story. 

Does your art take other forms? Music is the one I'm proficient at, but I really appreciate all forms of art. I think that comedy is another one that I'm very big on. I love laughter and finding humor in the world because it's really dismal, a lot of things in the world, but it's just as funny as it is sad.

So then what's your fave comedian? Role model or the type of comedy that speaks most to you? It's hard to name names, but the type of comedy I like is that kind of realism dark comedy. I guess people that laugh at the triviality of people getting upset at everything. People that just don't care about the kinds of things that people get upset over. Because everything is so crazy that you can't be a real functioning person without realizing that.

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