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Fire Cider's New Look!

Fire Cider's New Look!

You may have noticed our new look, and we hope you love it. Don't fret - the delicious, high-quality Fire Cider that you've come to expect from us isn't changing at all. Our recipe, our process, and our small, family-owned business stays the same.

Our facelift has been in the works for some time now, and we're excited to unveil this evolution of our brand that represents how we've grown up as a company over the past 10 years. Our focus was to put our brand ethos and our all-organic ingredients front and center, while building a modern canvas for some new flavors and products we are building in the coming years.

We hope you love the new look, and feel free to reach out to us at any time with anything on your mind!

Thank you to our customers and Fire Cider Superfans for standing by us and we're honored to be supporting you and your wellness today and for many years to come.

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Anthony Markle May 06, 2020

The new design is pleasant enough but truthfully it was the previous unique design that drew me to the product and ultimately my purchase. This design, although nice, is common looking. I wouldn’t have given it a second look and I would have missed out on a great product.

Yvette May 14, 2020

I love the look! It’s fresh and stands out. Will look great sitting on my kitchen counter.

Sally Collins May 18, 2020

I prefer the previous unique label design and without the “mother.”

Jamie Heberling December 01, 2020

I’m excited for your growth. But, I miss the old look that told me this brand is the real-deal and not a new-age-y concoction.

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