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Fire Cider in the Kitchen - Buffalo Chickpeas

Buffalo Chickpeas

I made these Buffalo Chickpeas last week and they are well worth it cuz the flavors in these little guys are bangin'.


1, 15 oz. can organic chickpeas

1 Tbsp Fire Cider (use our Unsweetened Fire Cider to keep these vegan-friendly)

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper


1. Drain and rinse chickpeas the pat dry w/paper towel.

TIP: put them in your air fryer/oven for 3 minutes @ 400 F to dry them!

2. Toss chickpeas with Fire Cider then add spices and toss again to coat.


1. Roast in your air fryer or oven until desired crunchiness.

2. Eat immediately as a snack.

3. Add them to salads, pizza, soup, or even salsa!

Buffalo Chickpeas

Image and recipe credit: Bethany Ugarte

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