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Bring in the green! - office plants to the rescue

Bring in the green! - office plants to the rescue

Daylight Savings Time ended for most of us in the US this past weekend. That extra hour of sleep on Sunday was sure refreshing but adjusting to the new cycle of daylight/dark can still take a toll. Making sure that your workspace is optimized for comfort and productivity can go a long way towards shortening the length of that adjustment period.

One of the simplest changes you can make is to add a plant to your space. Having just one plant within eyeshot can lead to:

Reduced tension and anxiety

Increased productivity

Reduced sickness and absences - cleaner air, anyone?

Increased creativity

If you're lucky enough to have a window in your space take advantage of it and load in a few plants. Watch where the sunlight moves in your space throughout the day and line a few up on the window sill or in a sunny corner. Even without a window you could have a small spider plant or succulent at your desk under a simple led desk lamp.

However you bring the green into your space, you'll thank yourself later!

The benefits of indoor plants on the Fire Cider Blog at FireCider.com

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