Attainable New Years' Resolutions

Attainable New Years' Resolutions

Historically, the beginning of January marks a "fresh start". Many of us make resolutions and reason with ourselves that this will be the clean slate we need to make big life changes. 

Resolutions don't need to be big, grand changes in your life! Small and attainable goals and changes can make a world of difference. Instead of making a big change, give yourself a bit of grace and choose small ways to improve.

Around the Fire Cider office, we've got some small resolutions that we are implementing into our lives. Here's some ideas for attainable goals:

Eating Healthier.  Instead of vowing to cut out all sugar or remove all processed foods from your diet, work on adding in one extra serving of fruits or vegetables into your daily intake. Whether you add a side of broccoli with dinner or have a banana with your breakfast, it's a small and easy change that won't feel too drastic.

Mindfulness.  Meditation is proven to be great for your mind, body, and soul, but it can feel overwhelming trying to schedule out time for yourself amidst everything else going on. Set aside 10 minutes in the morning or evening to reflect and calm your mind, and your goal will be achieved in no time!

Being Present. We can all admit we rely on technology a little bit too much. When we're sitting at dinner with our family or friends, or at a party, our phones somehow always make their way into our hands. Trying to curb the reliance on mindless scrolling is a big one for us, though it may also be the hardest! We'll be working hard to step away from technology and really experience life a bit more.

Exercise. If you are already active, this can be an easy one for you - stay active, or maybe even increase your activity level or frequency. If you do not already exercise regularly, this is a resolution that many people have in the new year. Starting with a small goal can make this feel much more attainable. Go for a walk after dinner a couple of nights a week, or find a fitness class that you enjoy to go to once per week. Once you are comfortable with that, you can always increase your goal to exercise more often!

Be Forgiving to Yourself. With any resolutions, it's important to remember that change doesn't happen overnight. A brand new year can feel exciting and exhilarating, and we are all for using that energy for something positive. But if you aren't perfect in your resolution, don't fret! Keep focusing on your goals and work towards them, but don't expect perfection.


Do you have any New Years' resolutions, or tips for sticking to them?

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