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Our Process

While our apple cider vinegar and honey recipe has been updated for adventurous modern palates, it harkens back to the traditional tonics our ancestors—folks who lived close to the earth and spent long hours in their fields or gardens—used to drink for daily health.

We start with certified organic garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, habañero peppers, oranges, lemons, and anti-inflammatory turmeric for a bit of zing. This is all steeped in top-quality, raw apple cider vinegar for as long as it takes to draw out the flavors and beneficial compounds in the foods and to create maximum tonic BOOM. After straining out the solids, we add raw wildflower honey for a touch of sweetness. Then we pour it into our apothecary-inspired bottles and ship it straight to your doorstep or your favorite store. 

Every tablespoon of Fire Cider tonic packs an energizing punch of concentrated ingredients that can be the start of a whole new way of eating—and of improving our health and vitality.

Our Practice

We know that a label full of unintelligible ingredients does little to inspire your trust, so we’re all about transparency. We work with certified organic farmers who understand that sun, unadulterated soil, and clean water combine to create culinary marvels. Pesticides, growth hormones, and other artificial additives aren’t even in their vocabulary. So you can be sure that every one of our products is made with top-quality, lovingly grown, raw foods you can pronounce (and taste!).

That transparency extends to our business practices. We make Fire Cider right near our home base in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, and we’re proud to be part of the revival of our hometown of Pittsfield. We compost any food waste, and our headquarters are located in a solar-powered building. We use fully recyclable shipping boxes and paper packing tape, as well as packing material made from 100% recycled fibers.

Of course, our bottles are all recyclable—and reusable—as well! Even our booth setups for trade shows are made from recycled materials, and the cups we use to share samples of Fire Cider tonic goodness are compostable.