Brian Huebner

Brian loves the element of surprise. He’s in his happy place when he introduces a skeptical customer to Fire Cider, and they later report that they’re feeling great or that they can’t keep the tonic on their store shelves.

Originally a comics artist who studied in Montreal and who dabbled in seasonal construction work and marketing, Brian joined Fire Cider first as a silent investor and label designer—that’s his jaunty pirate and hand-lettering you see on every bottle! When business began to boom, he pitched in with help in the kitchen and started heading out on sales calls, where he realized that the best way to sell Fire Cider is to have people experience it. He took his travelin’ tonics to local farmers’ markets and shops and then hit The Big E, where thousands of customers from all around the region got their first taste of Fire Cider. Many of those customers are still loyal fans.  

These days, Brian can often be found at trade shows and special events around the region. When he’s not giving out apple cider vinegar and honey tonic samples to delighted customers and spreading the word about the importance of eating organic foods and listening to your body’s wellness signals, he’s drawing or out enjoying the four-season awesomeness of the Berkshires. He’s proud to be part of the economic revival of his hometown, Pittsfield, and is always looking for new ways to give back.