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Amy St Pierre,                                 Dana St. Pierre                             Brian Huebner
Kitchen Witch                 
Chief Juice Moose Officer           King of Sales...or Sails...

The folks at Shire City Herbals would love to hear from you! We all work together in the kitchen to make Fire Cider, and the rest of the time we cover every aspect of running a small business. In order to best serve your needs, please contact us for the following: 

New Wholesale Accounts: 

If you are interested in seeing Fire Cider on the shelves at your local co-op, mom and pop, or coffee shop, please e-mail [email protected]. He loves it when you do that!

Wholesale Orders and Customer Service: Heather Franckling, Customer Service Guru

For all existing wholesale customers, please contact Heather Franckling for re-orders, customer service and seasonal promotions. [email protected] 

Web Orders, Shipping and Accounting: Sheri Esko, Shipping Ninja

For all wholesale billing and payment issues,or a question about an order placed through our website,  please contact Sheri at [email protected]. While e-mail is preferred, Sheri is also available by phone Monday, Wednesday and Friday at (413) 344-4740.


Events, Marketing & Advertising Opportunities: Stephanie Gravalese-Wood, Style Boss 

For all media relations, print and on-line advertising, content creation and, kindly e-mail [email protected]. Also, Stephanie is always looking for new markets or events to participate in. If you'd like to see a Fire Cider booth at your next event, send her a note!

Suppliers, Packaging and Process Solutions: Daniel Esko, Spreadsheet and Data Wizard

Do you wholesale certified organic produce to western Massachusetts? Sell environmentally-friendly packaging? Offer software or other business solutions? We are always trying to improve our operation and lessen our environmental impact. If you or your company can help, please contact [email protected].

All Other Inquiries and Feedback

If you have a question about Fire Cider that wasn't answered elsewhere on our website, please contact [email protected], [email protected] or send us a note through our Facebook account.