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Fire Cider 3-Day New Years' Cleanse

Fire Cider 3-Day New Years' Cleanse

We're all about starting fresh for 2021, and that includes our health! It's time to simplify what we put into our bodies and reset!

Over the next three days, we're inviting you to join us as we reset our bodies and give ourselves a great start to a healthy new year. We're giving you recipes, plus tips and tricks for getting through the day and continuing on with healthy eating after the cleanse is over. Take this all at your own pace, and feel free to adjust recipes as needed/wanted!

Make sure that leading up to the cleanse, during the cleanse, and after, you are staying well-hydrated! Your body needs about a half-gallon of water per day, so keep that glass close by.

Day 1: The Cleanse

You're going to need:

Gallon of water

4 lemons - 1/2 C fresh juice

Large knob of fresh ginger, or bottled organic ginger juice - 1/2 C fresh juice

Fire Cider - 1 C 

*optional: 1/2 C maple syrup to sweeten

*optional: flavor add-ins, such as cayenne pepper, berries, cucumber, etc.

You can also mix it by the glass as you go, but remember that you'll need to drink at least 6(10 oz) glasses throughout the day.

1/2 TBS lemon juice

1/2 TBS ginger juice

1 TBS Fire Cider



If you are feeling like you need to crunch something, a handful of nuts can help get you through the day!

Day 2: Green Juice

You're going to need:

1 bunch of curly kale - roughly chopped

1 lemon - peeled and quartered

1 inch of ginger knob - peeled

1 large cucumber

2 large granny smith apples - cored and sliced

4 whole celery stalks

1/4 cup of Fire Cider


Juice your ingredients in the order listed, and then strain through a sieve or cheesecloth to remove pulp (or leave it in if you like it!). You can drink this immediately, or it can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours in an air-tight container.

Don't forget to drink enough water, and grab some unsalted nuts or fruit to help you get through the day!

Day 3: Smoothie

You're going to need:

1 orange - peel, seeds, and pith removed

1 carrot - scrubbed and chopped into 1" pieces

1 frozen champagne mango (or 1/2 a standard mango)

1/2 cup fresh squeezed citrus juice (or liquid of your choice)

1" nub of fresh ginger - peeled and grated

2" root of turmeric - peeled and grated

Splash of Fire Cider - to taste


First blend together the carrot, orange, and citrus juice, then add in the remaining ingredients and blend to a consistency that makes you happy! Using frozen mango helps give your smoothie a bit more texture, and you can make it even thicker by freezing or orange or adding ice.

As always, stay hydrated, and snack on healthy things as needed throughout the day!

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